Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crowbar Girl Update & Surprise Writing

Wrote another 2300 words done on Crowbar Girl tonight. Also, finally got to the point after which everything is fairly tightly plotted out.

What's really odd is that I was sitting there writing tonight, wondering when I'd GET to that point, when all of a sudden I could hear one of my characters (Mary, of all people) saying 'um, HELLO!. Very, very odd. I normally enjoy writing those scenes so much that I can't miss when I get there.

Anywho. Soon as I'm done this, I think What Not To Fear is next.

Also, August 1st! Remember, August 1st at www.decadentpublishing.com! Fae Eye for the Golem Guy!


  1. Wow, 2300 in one sitting -- that's amazing. Do you have any tips? Or do you just go for it? I have a work in progress that's currently causing a few problems. The last scene is all important. I think the problem is self-doubt more than anything else.

  2. *sheepish* Actually, my best single sitting was from back when I was writing XLI. I got on a roll and wrote 10,000 words between 2 AM and 10 AM one morning. So I guess the first piece of advice is insomnia.

    Heh. You just gave me a blog-posty idea. Blog post coming up in just a few...