Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I need an editor

Right now, I've gotten more 'This has promise' / 'This is really good except for' / and 'I almost, but no...' on my MS than I can quickly count. Almost all of them were non-form letters from people who normally use form letters.

At the same time, every non-editor / non-publisher / non-agent / non-purchaser who reads it has a list of 'change this! and it will be saleable!' items. Trouble is, very few times have the items been the same.

Very frustrating; if I change too much, I am more likely to fall out of publishing contention than to succeed. If I change nothing, I'm likely to stay in the unpublished valley. I need to change some small part, but without an editor I'm really struggling to figure out which part.

OK, back to class.

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