Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A few notes on Writing

First, on the days I'm not writing here, I'm probably working on one of my novels, most likely the first draft of Ordinal.

Second, most of what you're seeing here is rough drafts. They're not highly edited or polished, they're the raw stuff coming out of my head. Hence the title. I hope I'll get better at polishing as I write, but until then things might be a little rough at times. Feel free to poke sticks at the rough spots, but be forewarned they'll be there.

Third, thanks to DMB for the pointer to the progress bars. I'll be tinkering and adding progress bars on my non-Blog projects, so those of you who might be interested can see.

Finally, thanks to both of my readers for commenting. It really makes me feel all warm and cuddly to know someone is actually reading this.

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